Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Heroine Hack: Soap Opera Companion

Hang around me long enough, and you will hear me complimenting Levi Kornelsen. In particular, I've mentioned before how much I like his Soap Opera hack. This plug-in motivates players to add melodrama into their game in order to re-fuel in-game currency.

Here is a way to use this hack in your Heroine game. These rules give the Companions an alternate way to gain Drama Points
The Companion move Get In Trouble is replaced with Gain a Relationship. See the hack for description of this move. A Companion who gains a relationship automatically gains 3 DP. She does not need to roll 2d6. When you gain a relationship, you add drama and distraction to the story, so the Heroine has more to think about than simply accomplishing her goal and defeating Challenges.
The Companion move Remember a Way Out is replaced with Escalate a Relationship. This move costs 2 DP. You can escalate relationships as often as you have points to do so. When you escalate, you take a relationship to the next level, and this decreases or distracts from the negative results of the Challenge at the end of this chapter.

Companions may form relationships with the Heroine, with NPCs, or with each other. Each Companion may have more than one relationship. Companions who have relationships with each other do not have to have the same relationship. Peter might consider the Wolf his Anathema, and the Wolf might consider Peter his Exemplar.

If you give these alternate rules a try, or if you have any questions, email me at gingergoatpress@gmail.com or reach out to me on Google+.

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