Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Doll Update

Good morning, folks. It looks like I forgot to publish my last post, so I have quite a bit of news for you about the Doll Kickstarter.

First of all, we funded. You can see more details here, but the final amount was over 1300% of the basic goal. Thank you so much to all the backers. You funded Doll, Advanced Doll, audio books of both of those, a short story anthology with several authors, and a 20% raise for everyone working on the project except me (Josh Jordan.) Your support allows me to make this game and other future games better than I would have made them on my own.

Currently, Doll and Advanced Doll are in layout, and the audio recording has begun. I expect to receive drafts of some of the short stories by the end of the week. I hope to be able to print the game by the end of the month and the short story anthology a few months later.

Those of you who have earned a doll or puppet may be glad to know that I have all my supplies and that I've started cutting fabric for the first few dolls. My goal is to ship these out by the end of December.

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