Thursday, January 23, 2014

Two New Releases

Between now and tomorrow night, two new books from Ginger Goat should go up for sale on Indie Press Revolution and DrivethruStuff. Both are e-books edited by Josh Jordan.

First is Heroine of Heiankyo, a setting supplement for Heroine in mythic pre-samurai Japan. Play a modern Japanese girl who is transported back to the Heian Era while on a field trip. She finds herself in the former capitol city of Japan, Kyoto. But this city is filled with monsters, magicians, and non-human creatures like spirit folk and tengu. Heroine of Heiankyo will be available for $6 at Indie Press Revolution and as pay-what-you-want at DrivethruStuff.

Heroine of Heiankyo was written by Andy Kitkowski, whom you might know as translator of the Japanese RPGs Maid, Tenra Bansho Zero and Ryuutama.

Timm Henson did some original artwork for this book, and Julio Matos did the layout. David A. Hill and Jeremy Morgan did a good bit of the editing.

The second book is Trust Me, an anthology of nine short stories inspired by the storytelling game Doll. In each story, a child's beloved toy can talk, but there's a question about whether the toy is being completely honest. Mark Richardson laid out the book. Tobie Abad, Jared Axelrod, TL Bodine, Shoshana Kessock, Ryan McSwain, Jeremy Morgan, Allegra Selzer, PK Sullivan, and Filamena Young contributed the stories.


  1. I just bought Heroine, looking forward to reading this (and maybe find some people to play this over at RPGGeek). The supplement sounds interesting, I'll make sure to check it out.