Monday, June 16, 2014

Actual Play Festival Volunteers

Want to help celebrate recorded stories? The Actual Play Festival needs volunteers. We need judges in December and a web designer as soon as possible. If you are interested, email Josh at
What is the Actual Play Festival? It's a two-week, online festival that celebrates recorded story. Before and during the festival, people submit audio or video clips, mostly recordings of story game actual play. This year we'll also accept other kinds of story, like poetry, short film, and recorded oral storytelling and comedy. At the end of the Festival, we award prizes to the best recordings. Last year, we awarded a prize to the best recording of a game published in 2013 and the best recording of a game published outside of North America.
This year, we need more volunteers, because I expect even more people to submit stories. To be an #ActPlayFest judge, you agree to review at least 4 recordings in one of the three categories. You must review the recordings between December 1st and 10th. Your favorite(s) then advance to the finals, where I (and possibly a panel of judges) will decide the prize winners.
We also need a volunteer to set up an informational home page. Nothing fancy, and you won't pay for hosting. Basically this would be a landing page with a couple of "about" links and a link to the Youtube feed where we post all the recordings. I don't want to have to set this up myself, because I find website setup stressful. (It would also be great to get someone to design a logo for the festival, but it's not strictly necessary. You know me, though. I love art.)
I'd like to get at least five volunteer judges. The perfect candidate would be a game designer, podcaster, author, or devoted story game fan who can commit to about four hours of work during the beginning of December.

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