Friday, July 11, 2014

Good News plus My Mistake

Good News! Dangers Untold is now available as a pdf at DriveThruRPG. It will be available in print very soon from Indie Press Revolution. I'm proud to be able to publish this book. Shoshana Kessock has a beautiful gem of a game here.
Now, my mistake...
I made a mistake on the credits page of Dangers Untold, and I feel terrible. I forgot to list Lillian Cohen-Moore as copy editor. We hired Ms. Cohen-Moore late in the project, and she made serious contributions to the clarity of the final text, especially in the examples of play.
We are fixing my mistake as soon as possible, so that future copies of the game will list her as copy editor. In the meanwhile, I'm asking you to do two things.
First, if you own a physical copy of Dangers Untold, please take out a pen, turn to the credits page and write in "Copy Editor Lillian Cohen-Moore"
Second, if you see Lillian (or Shoshana or JR or anyone else involved in this book) in person, thank them for me for creating such a lovely girl-positive, beginner-friendly game. I truly believe that the world needs more games like this and that the people who create them deserve some time in the spotlight.

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