Sunday, November 23, 2014

Seeking New Game Designer

This morning I mentioned on Google Plus and Twitter that Ginger Goat is looking for a new designer to work on two paid projects.
Here is some additional information about the projects and how to apply.

The first project involves around two to three hours of work and pays on completion. I will pay $40 or one third the commission I receive on the finished game, whichever is more.

The second project requires roughly ten hours of work and I will pay $140.

To apply, write to with your answer to the following two questions:
1. You are writing a romance game set in a Conan-esque low, dark fantasy. Briefly describe an odd love triangle you would design for the pregenerated characters.

2. What is one theme or element you would like to sneak into all the games you design?

Here is the original Google Plus post in case you missed it.

Ginger Goat is actively seeking one or two young or new game designers to help with a couple story game projects.

You like story games and/or freeform
You are unpublished or have published less than three games.
You are willing to be paid.

Both projects involve designing descriptions for PC background and relationships. These are sort of like oracles or relationship maps.
Both projects will be paid and you will receive credit for your work.
One is a one-shot sword and sorcery game.
The other involves Dangers Untold.

I hope it goes without saying that Ginger Goat encourages people from a diversity of backgrounds to apply.

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