Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Actual Play Festival

I love listening to actual play. It's a great way to figure out whether I would enjoy a game, and it's a way to feel like I'm gaming when I'm driving to work or shopping for groceries. So I've decided to run a sort of contest/online convention to celebrate actual play. I'm calling it the Actual Play Festival. It will run from December 1st to 15th.
All people have to do to participate is to record audio or video of themselves playing a new or non-North American game and send it to me at gingergoatpress@gmail.com. (I will repost video on the Ginger Goat Youtube channel, and I'm trying to figure out a place to repost audio.)
Stay tuned for more information, but, for now, here's the elevator pitch: Actual Play Festival is an online collection of fan-submitted actual play recordings hosted by Ginger Goat. The festival runs from December 1st to 15th, and it will end with awards and prizes donated by Josh Jordan, Brian Engard, Jason Pitre, and Robert Nolan.

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