Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Prize Support for Actual Play Festival

Brian Engard, Jason Pitre, and Robert Nolan have donated gaming pdfs to join my copies of Heroine and Doll as prizes for Actual Play Festival. However, they've just agreed to go one step further. Not only are we offering pdfs of seven games to the two winning groups, we are now going to give each person in the group their own copy of the pdfs!

Do you and your friends want a bunch of the hottest new indie roleplaying games? All you have to do is record yourselves playing EITHER a roleplaying game published in 2013 OR one published outside of North America (OR both, I suppose.) Then submit that recording to me so I can put it on this site, or at least link to it on this site. The best two recordings will win the Goatee Award, a coveted honor that I just made up. Goatee award winners will receive the seven pdfs as their reward.

Not sure you can record your friends playing a game? Well then simply enjoy all the actual play recordings that everyone else is submitting, and please spread the word about Actual Play Festival. The more recordings we have, the more fun it is for everyone.

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