Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Four days left to participate in the Actual Play Festival

Do you have an audio or video recording of your group playing a roleplaying game? Was it recorded in November or December of this year? If so, send the file to me at, and you can win pdfs of 10 awesome games.

The top two recordings, as judged by me on December 15th, will receive the prestigious Goatee Award. Every player (including the GM, if any) in those two winning sessions will also receive these games:

Becoming and Rough Cuts by Brian Engard*
Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple by Daniel Solis
Dude, Run! and 1%er by Robert Nolan*
Heroine and Doll from Josh Jordan
Kiss My Axe and an accompanying adventure from Fraser Ronald
Project Ninja Panda Taco by Jenn Steen
Spark by Jason Pitre

Anyone can participate. I will post pretty much any game recording, whether or not it qualifies to be one of the two winning sessions.

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