Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tell Me Another is coming to Patreon!

Many of you know that I have a podcast called Tell Me Another. If this is news to you, go check it out!

This week, I'm setting up a Patreon campaign so that other folks can help support the show. Here's a little information about the campaign and the show...

I've always loved stories. Last year, I started interviewing professional storytellers in order to learn how they approach their work. I believe that we have something to learn from each other, even if we don't work in the same medium. My preacher friends have a lot to learn from stand-up comedians. RPG designers have a lot to learn from novelists. And we could all learn a little something from poets.

My name is Josh T. Jordan and I'm the host of Tell Me Another. Tell Me Another is a podcast about all kinds of storytellers and the stories they tell. Each week we interview a professional storyteller about his or her area of expertise, from writing comics to poetry to standup comedy. With your help, I'd like to take the show to the next level. I'd like to invest in professional audio equipment, release episodes more often, and travel to interview some guests face-to-face.

And as a thank you for those of you who support the show, here is, for no particular reason, a gif of my son doing the hot dog dance.

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