Monday, April 28, 2014

Young Proofreader Report

Over the past week and a half, we have had young proofreaders, age 10-14, looking through Dangers Untold to make sure that the game makes sense for people of that age.

The other day, I received this report from one of the kid's dads. It made my day. (I also received some notes from his daughter about the game, which I am studying VERY seriously.)

"My 11 year old daughter, Katie, participated in proofreading Dangers Untold, a LARP about 'Heroic Girls and their Adventures' (based on stories like Labyrinth) by Shoshana Kessock and Josh T Jordan. It's been a lot of fun watching her reactions.

"She's played a couple tabletop RPGs (mainly Dungeon World) and asks me frequently to play. But while she was reading Dangers Untold, she was so excited she couldn't sit still. Every couple minutes she wanted to tell me all about something in the game. She read the game through cover to cover twice in the first night with a notebook by her side to take notes to give as feedback.

"The next day, she took a print-out of the game to school and got some of her friends to play through several scenes during every recess that day. And for the last hour she's been playing a (probably very simplified) version with her 3 year old brother, trying to get him to practice counting to get past challenges. It's been great seeing her enthusiasm."

Photo courtesy of Packer Communication, and is not actually a photo of gameplay. Used by permission.


  1. Yea, this is Katie. I'm famous! Dangers Untold is the awesomest game I've ever played.

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