Monday, September 23, 2013

Dolls, Stories, and More

This post was originally released here, on the Doll Kickstarter page. Check it out! We have less than a week to go.

Thank you all so much! Doll has funded at over 1000%! We have surpassed the $2,500 mark and unlocked the larger short fiction anthology. This e-book anthology will contain stories inspired by Doll. Everyone who pledges $10 or more to the Kickstarter will receive a copy of this anthology. It will contain stories from Allegra Selzer, Filamena Young, Jared Axelrod, PK Sullivan, Ryan McSwain, and the author of Advanced Doll, Tobie Abad.
Today I want to talk about the next two stretch goals, in order to encourage you to continue spreading the word about Doll.
There is a secret stretch goal at $2,750. It involves the story anthology, but I'm not going to announce what we're adding unless we reach that goal.
Then there is the $3,000 goal. At this level, I will give everyone involved in Doll, except myself, a 20% bonus. This includes David Hill, who is doing layout, Tobie, who is writing Advanced Doll, all the authors in the short story anthology, and possibly my wife, if anyone receives one of her Heroine dolls (which will be brilliant, by the way.) I firmly believe that I am getting these folks' help at a bargain price. If we reach this goal, I will gladly give these people a bonus. They all deserve it.
I would also like to announce that I will use any profit this Kickstarter raises above the $3,000 level exclusively to fund free projects from Ginger Goat over the next six months. For example, if we reach $3,200, I will put all the profits from that extra $200 toward a free Heroine expansion. If we raise $5,000, I will use all the profits from that $2,000 to pay for art, layout, and writing for even nicer projects. All of these projects above the $3,000 will released for free to the public.
Thank you again for all your support! We've already reached more players than I ever imagined. Please continue to spread the word about this Kickstarter. We have less than a week to go.
Josh Jordan

Friday, September 13, 2013

Doll Actual Play Videos

There are now two Doll actual play videos available. Here is one of them
And here is the other

Monday, September 9, 2013

Call for Writers!

I'm posting a call for writers interested in contributing to a short story compilation in honor of the Doll RPG. The Doll Kickstarter has funded more than double its initial goal in less than 24 hours, and while I have some additional stretch goals in mind, I would really like to add work from some other creative people.
I am looking for people interested in writing 500- to 2,500-word short stories featuring a sentient doll, puppet, marionette or other toy. This toy does not have to be evil, but as per the RPG, it must have some reason to at least occasionally lie to kids. I'm accepting stories for whichever age you'd like to target, child through adult, (though I admit I have a distaste for cliched profanity.) I will pay $.04 per word upon the completion of the story or the Kickstarter, whichever comes second. Because the Kickstarter only runs until September 29th, the deadline for interest letters is September 21st. The final draft of the story, assuming we hire you, is not due until December 6th.

What should you do if you are interested? Email me at Mention your name, your writing experience, and whether I might already know you from somewhere. (You may include a link to one of your short stories or novellas, but there's no guarantee I will have time to read it.) If I think you are a good fit for this project, I will email you back within 48 hours.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Doll Kickstarter

The Doll Kickstarter is live! Get a physical copy of my second full game for only $4. You can find it here.

Doll is a storytelling game for two. One person plays a child, the other plays a doll who sometimes lies about important things.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Thank You, Indie Treasure Trove Buyers

The 1,001st customer just purchased the Indie Treasure Trove. Thank you all for your amazing support for our games. I know I speak for the other authors when I say that we are feeling overwhelmed.
I would encourage each of you to reach out to the author of your favorite game in the bundle, and tell them what you like about his or her game. We love to hear from you. Thanks again for all your support!

-Josh Jordan

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Heroine is a part of the Indie Treasure Hoard

You can pick up an electronic copy of Heroine as part of the current Bundle of Holding, the Indie Treasure Hoard. This bundle includes Sorcerer, Annalise, Dog Eat Dog, and other games. Pay what you want, but you have to beat the average price in order to receive the games marked as "Bonus."

If you have been meaning to pick up any of these games, help all these authors out and do it now. This deal ends on September 10th.