Thursday, January 23, 2014

Buy Them Now: Trust Me and Heroine of Heiankyo

Trust Me is now available at Indie Press Revolution and DrivethruFiction for $5.

Heroine of Heiankyo is now available at Indie Press Revolution for $6.

It is also available as pay-what-you-want at DrivethruStuff.

Two New Releases

Between now and tomorrow night, two new books from Ginger Goat should go up for sale on Indie Press Revolution and DrivethruStuff. Both are e-books edited by Josh Jordan.

First is Heroine of Heiankyo, a setting supplement for Heroine in mythic pre-samurai Japan. Play a modern Japanese girl who is transported back to the Heian Era while on a field trip. She finds herself in the former capitol city of Japan, Kyoto. But this city is filled with monsters, magicians, and non-human creatures like spirit folk and tengu. Heroine of Heiankyo will be available for $6 at Indie Press Revolution and as pay-what-you-want at DrivethruStuff.

Heroine of Heiankyo was written by Andy Kitkowski, whom you might know as translator of the Japanese RPGs Maid, Tenra Bansho Zero and Ryuutama.

Timm Henson did some original artwork for this book, and Julio Matos did the layout. David A. Hill and Jeremy Morgan did a good bit of the editing.

The second book is Trust Me, an anthology of nine short stories inspired by the storytelling game Doll. In each story, a child's beloved toy can talk, but there's a question about whether the toy is being completely honest. Mark Richardson laid out the book. Tobie Abad, Jared Axelrod, TL Bodine, Shoshana Kessock, Ryan McSwain, Jeremy Morgan, Allegra Selzer, PK Sullivan, and Filamena Young contributed the stories.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cross Promotion

This post is specifically pointed at game designers, authors, and podcasters. Are you interested in doing some cross-promotion with me for your games, fiction, or shows? I want to start trading promos inside Tell Me Another for promos inside your show. I'm also willing to consider advertising your upcoming game or book in the back of a Ginger Goat book, in exchange for your advertising one of our projects. For details, email me at

Fans, don't worry. We'll never reach the point where we are full of ads like a magazine or the morning news. I'm just thinking it's about time that some of my creative friends and I start plugging each other's products in a more public way.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Neither Whitewashing Nor Blackface

Ginger Goat will be publishing our first LARP soon. We plan to Kickstart a game called Dangers Untold by Shoshana Kessock. The game is already playtest ready, and I love it. Shoshana does great work.

But I want some help from the gaming community to address a sticky situation that I've created. I want to add rules to Dangers Untold about how to use Girls Elsewhere and Heroine of Heiankyo as settings for Dangers Untold. These games encourage players to girls from a variety of countries and language groups. Diversity in gaming is something I value. But I'm concerned about how this diversity will translate into a LARP.

Would you feel comfortable dressing and speaking as a character of a different sex and race? In the US, there is a very racist tradition of painting one's face another color in order to play a cheap caricature of a minority. This is called "blackface." I absolutely do not want players to participate in this racist tradition. So how can we respectfully explore LARPing a character of another race or sex?

There is another, more common racist tradition in storytelling called "whitewashing." In this tradition, all characters, or at least all important characters are white. Most are men. This is the tradition that Heroine and its supplements inherently rejects. In a Heroine game, the main character is a girl. If you use any of the supplement books, she is probably not white.

Here is where I want your help. How do you think we can build a LARP that avoids these two extremes? How can we tell stories about characters who aren't like us without playing hateful caricatures? Do you have any positive experiences with cross-race or cross-sex play, especially in LARP? Do you know of any good articles or resources about cross-race or cross-sex play in LARP? I want to avoid the two extremes of whitewashing stories and playing characters in blackface.

Please join the conversation. Talk to me on Twitter or Google Plus. Comment below. Or email me at

Let's tell stories together. Let's tell genuine stories about realistic people who don't all look like me.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Podcast

Tell Me Another

Do you like podcasts? Do you like storytelling? More importantly, do you like me? Please check out Tell Me Another, my new interview show about all kinds of storytellers and the stories they tell. The first two episodes include interviews with podcaster Kevin Allison and LARP facilitator and story game designer Emily Care Boss.

Dolls and Puppets Shipping!

All the dolls shipped out to Kickstarter backers on December 31st. The puppets should ship out tomorrow, January 3rd. (The single, exclusive Heroine doll should ship later this month.)
Feel free to take a picture of yourself with your doll or puppet and email it to me at