Friday, August 12, 2016

Daddy versus the Medical Bills

The best way to help is by donating to Paypal.

This is my son Sam. He is five years old. He's a great kid. He and I need your help.

A few weeks ago, he had breathing-related medical emergency. We rushed him to the ER and he spent five days in hospital. 

He's feeling much better. Thank God. But I, his daddy, have a big problem. The medical bills from those days in the hospital are big. Like "drain your savings and then keep going" big. On top of that, because I had set certain bills to be paid automatically, I have accidentally spent much more than I can afford on these bills.

Long story short, our family needs financial help to cover necessities like groceries and daycare for the next two to three weeks until my wife and I get our next paychecks. We have accidentally overpaid our medical bills early, so we need at least $1,200 to help us survive until the end of the month.

We are working with the hospital to pay the remaining bills a little at a time. We are talking to extended family to help cover expenses where they can. We're budgeting our expenses carefully and only spending what we absolutely have to.

But my family needs help as a result of our one-time emergency medical debt. If you can, please help.

The best way to help is to donate to Paypal. The second best way to help is to share a link to this article on social media. The third best way to help would be to buy some of my games. See the links on the side of this page. Keep in mind that I only get a percentage of the profits from these games. It helps, but not as much as Paypal.

In the end, do whatever you are comfortable with. If you can help, you have my deepest thanks. And Sam thanks you, too.
The best way to help is by donating to Paypal.