Monday, November 18, 2013

What is the Actual Play Festival?

The Actual Play Festival is a celebration of gamers who record their play sessions and post them for other people to hear (and, sometimes, see.) The Festival takes place December 1st through 15th.

You can participate by watching sessions on Youtube, by telling people about #ActPlayFest on social media, and by encouraging the people who submit actual play recordings.

However, the best way to participate in Actual Play Festival is to submit a recording! Send an mp3 audio file or an mp4 video file of your group playing a roleplaying game to I will upload everything to my Youtube channel, so everyone can enjoy it. You can submit a recording of any session recorded in November or December.

And there will be prizes! Several game designers, including me, have offered to give electronic copies of their games to the two groups with the best recordings. These prizes, and the accompanying Goatee Award for Best AP, will go to the group with:
  • The best recording of a game published in 2013
  • The best recording of a game originally published outside North America

 Any questions about the festival should be addressed to Josh Jordan at the email address above.

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